About me
I started working as an assistant to a renowned graphic designer and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 back in my hometown of Warsaw, Poland. I gained a lot of experience and learned a lot about the software and design parts of the job, which landed me my first job in 2002, at one of the best multimedia agencies in Warsaw. I moved to Amsterdam in 2006 to work at a not-for-profit internet registry, RIPE NCC, where I stayed for over 5 years. In all that time I have also worked as a freelancer. My complete CV
Since end of 2011 I have been studying blacksmithing. I find great satisfaction in working with my hands, and I see metalwork as a very challenging kind of design — working with physical objects instead of layers. More on blacksmithing.
Why me?
My graphic design experience is 14+ years. My client roster includes one-man companies, not-for-profits, banks and hotel chainsfor whom I worked both as a freelancer and an employee. I find it equally easy to work as a part of team and by myself, with other creatives or with IT professionals. References available on request.

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